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 Rules of Fap Inc. forums

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PostSubject: Rules of Fap Inc. forums   Rules of Fap Inc. forums Icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 10:56 pm


1. Language should be English only. Fap Inc. is an English based forum. Try your best to use good grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc when posting and especially when making threads.
2. No discrimination, abusiveness, or flaming. Discrimination based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, etc will not be tolerated.
3. No advertising.
4. No shock material or pornography. Now, there is an exception here; You CAN post stuff with minor pornographic content if it means making the folks here laugh.
5. No spam. Spam is defined as posts, threads, or other messages that do not contribute to a discussion or forum.
6. Be polite. Treat every member here as you would want to be treated.
7. Avoid double posts. Double posting is defined as making a post in a thread or comment area, then making another in the same thread or comment area before any other member does.
8. Before making a thread, check to make sure you're in an appropriate forum and do a search to ensure the topic you're about to start doesn't already exist. If it does, post in the already existing one.
9. If you're posting a question or request, provide details.
10. Check the date of the last post in a thread before you reply to it. If the thread is old, only post if what you have to say is relevant. Bumping old threads could result and a gag/ ban.
11. No illegal content. Torrents & wares are strictly forbidden.


1. When releasing something, you need to have screenshots, ingame or otherwise.
2. When releasing ANYTHING you must include all the authors that took place in that submission. If you are the only one that took place as an author in that submission, credit yourself only. Disobeying this rule could result in a ban.
3. Provide constructive feedback when replying to anything.
4. Specify the game for which that submission is in the title. For example: [CSS] A weapon that replaces another weapon.
5. Double posting a skin in hope that it will get more attention is strictly forbidden.
Note: The general rules apply here as well.

"Fap Incorporated" rules

-these are a few rules that only apply for the "Fap Incorporated" forum-
1. Join requests; We kindly accepts new members in our studio, but we can't just have anyone here now, can we? If you request to join our studio, you need to tell us what are your skills. What can you do; 3D modeling, texturing, animating etc.? You also have to provide a few examples of your work like some screenshots or some videos.
2. Moderator requests: If you request a moderator or want to suggest somebody to be a moderator there are a few things that you should know; A moderator should be somebody that has been here for at least 3 months (with time, this could change) and has to contribute to the forums.
3. If you post anything about the forum like comments, suggestions & questions, try to use proper grammar.

Thank you for complying!
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Rules of Fap Inc. forums
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