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 Moderator rules

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Moderator rules Empty
PostSubject: Moderator rules   Moderator rules Icon_minitimeThu Nov 11, 2010 12:30 am

Moderator rules

1. When you are editing someones post, be sure to write at the end of it that you've edited it and provide a reason why you've edited it.

2. If a certain thread is irrelevant to forum it's posted on, MOVE it to where it should be and edit 1st post with:
- Moved to "name of the forum" by moderator/administrator [N]e[0]n.

3. If you decide to lock a certain thread, write:
- Locked by moderator/administrator [N]e[0]n.
...with your last reply.

4. If a member is doing something that is against the rules, warn him about his actions. If that member fails to comply, gag/ ban him.

Abusing/ misusing your moderator rank could result in it being taken away from you and even getting yourself banned.
Thank you for complying.
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Moderator rules
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